The International Jazz Hall of Fame is a registered 501(C)3, beginning its existence in Kansas City in 1991. The IJHF is devoted to preserving the heritage of Jazz Music and introducing emerging generations to this uniquely American musical legacy through an interactive multimedia museum, performance venue and music school. We will accomplish this goal through entertainment, preservation and education. The IJHF plans to honor and preserve Jazz heritage, the music, the artists, the artifacts and to educate, and promote Jazz to future generations.

The educational arm of the IJHF will be comprised of the Count Basie Academy of Performing Arts which will provideinstruction in all of the performing arts and The Parker Gillespie International Institute of Jazz Masters which will provide Master Classes foradvanced students. Living legends will provide classes, guest lectures and
training to students year round.

The IJHF will acquire, attain, and borrow, memorabilia of all kinds in the Jazz genre. This will include audio & video items, instruments, posters, artwork, clothing, awards, photographs, documents, statues, trophies, newspapers and magazine articles, and the Internet.

Jazz music will be played in live concerts promoted in conjunction with the IJHF. Artists from all over the world will be invited to descend to the IJHF to share their talent with young people to enrich, inspire creativity, learn to improvise, and enrich their minds.

Respected educator, Doc Skinner of the Lionel Hampton School of Music, will join the IJHF as Dean of the Count Basie Academy.

Jazz is the mother of many modern popular music styles. This uniquely American art form has helped birth musical genres such as R&B, Rock, Reggae and Funk, to name just a few. Jazz legend Art Blakey, when asked what Jazz will be like in 50 years, once said “Who knows … we’ll be playing Jazz and having a good time!” It is this “Spirit of Jazz” that lies at the heart of the IJHOF.


We are group of dedicated music professionals and jazz lovers striving to ensure that this great American music is preserved and provides inspiration to generations of young musicians to come

Mr. Norman Brander, President of the IJHF

Dr. Lynn J. (“Doc”) Skinner Ph.D. Executive Director and Founder of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival

Mrs. Linda Moody With husband James Moody, Linda initiated important educational scholarship programs for Purchase College, SUNY, and for the CFNJ/ James Moody Jazz Scholarship Fund for Newark Youth, which Linda continues to raise money for through annual concerts and other events

Shelly Liebowitz Veteran music producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in Jazz, also produced television specials, concerts, and international events.

James Moody                                                       Monty Alexander
Dave Brubeck                                                       Freddy Cole
Lou Donaldson                                                    Russell Gloyd
Benny Green                                                         Della Reese Lett
Franklin Lett                                                         Julian “Junior” Mance
Paquito Rivera                                                     Claudio Rodito
Clark & Gwen Terry                                            Lionel Hampton Foundation
Nat King Cole Family                                        Tito Puente Family
Peggy Lee Family                                               Jamey Aebersold
Mark Ruffin

Mr. Ray Gilley President, DeKalb Development Authority; Decide DeKalb

Ms. Linda Schiffer, Marketing/PR Consultant Chief Executive Officer & Chief Marketing Officer Edge Factor Entertainment Group, LLC